Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lung cancer may not have a cough

范某patients is a more than 60-year-old woman, six months ago began to feel pain in the left shoulder, when the light when the heavy, with calcium supplements and traditional Chinese medicine treatment, no effect. After a hospital diagnosis of periarthritis of shoulder, manager of therapy, acupuncture, massage and other treatment, his condition had improved, but soon after aggravating. Jan ago, accompanied by family members of patients treated in our hospital, after X-ray film inspection, has found her left shoulder humeral head and multiple lung metastases. After CT examination, she finally found the left apex walnut-sized mass of primary lung cancer. Surprisingly, the widespread transfer of the body due to lung cancer patients had died did not cough, hemoptysis, such as respiratory symptoms.

Lung cancer is a common cancer, the incidence increased in recent years, the typical symptoms of久治不愈coughing, bloody sputum, difficulty in breathing, chest pain and so on. For years the medical science with a wide range of publicity, when the patients most of the above symptoms can lead to the attention of their own and their families, timely to go to the hospital for treatment. But a small number of patients with special performance, such as there is no cough, hemoptysis, such as respiratory symptoms, but the bone and joint pain, neck swelling, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, headache and other symptoms. They often repeated in the orthopedic clinic, physiotherapy units, such as传染科. If these sections of the lack of vigilance doctor easily lead to misdiagnosis, misuse of governance, to bring in patients with irreparable consequences. I according to their years of clinical experience, that the following points will help patients and doctors to detect lung cancer are not typical.

▲ smoking history of patients, such as the emergence of unexplained bone and joint pain, headaches, even if there is no respiratory symptoms, we should also think of the possibility of lung cancer.

▲久治不愈on the same site of the pneumonia patients, should be alert to the possibility of occurrence of lung cancer. By chest X-ray film and CT examination can not be a clear diagnosis of patients and can be used for fiberoptic bronchoscopy to help diagnosis.

▲ over 40 years of age who best conditional annually chest X-ray examination.

▲ similar clinical manifestations of lung cancer and chest X-ray examination in patients with normal, should be further CT examination, because CT found that lung cancer is more sensitive than chest X-ray.

▲ exfoliated cells in sputum examination is simple, easy, no harm to the patient, should give full play to the role of the inspection means to help clear diagnosis.


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